Plasma focus and fusion plasmas

  • Engineering and device development

  • Modeling and simulation
  • Diagnostics

  • Material synthesis, processing

  • Plasma-surface interactions

Plasma for agriculture

  • Plasma sources for agriculture applications

  • Germination, breeding, sterilization

  • Liquid plasmas and applications

  • Plasma biochemistry

  • Modelling and simulation

Plasmas for medical and environment applications

  • Plasma systems for medical or environment applications

  • Medical treatment with plasmas

  • Plasma-cell and plasma-tissue interactions

  • Water treatment, gas treatment by plasmas

Industrial plasmas

  • Coating, thin films, surface modification

  • Textile and polymerizationDiagnostics

  • Thermal plasmas and applications

  • Cleaning and etching

Fundamentals of plasmas

  • Discharge mechanisms

  • Space plasmas

  • Plasma sources

  • Ion beam

  • Plasma-wave interactions

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